About The Ciany Group


The Ciany Group, Inc. is a woman-owned business founded in 2007 by Vicki Crawshaw Kwarciany, who continues as the organization’s primary consultant today. 

The Ciany Group specializes in designing practical and targeted tools, processes and education to maximize the effectiveness of leaders and their employees.  We have assisted organizations of all sizes – from those with a few hundred employees to Fortune 20 firms.

When additional resources or skill sets are needed, Vicki partners with highly-trusted fellow industrial-organizational psychologists and organizational development professionals to deliver exceptional service to clients.

Why leverage Vicki and The Ciany Group?

Unfaltering In-House Mindset

“After spending the first half of my career as an in-house consultant, I understand how my client-partners need to accomplish more with dwindling dollars and resources. I continually find cost-effective ways to deliver solutions with the same or higher quality than those from large consulting firms.

Authentic Rapport

“I communicate with and learn from people from all walks of life, from front-line repair technicians to C-Suite executives. I’m my authentic self when I interact with others, and clients compliment my ability to relate to and build trusting relationships quickly with people at all levels in an organization.

Speed and Agility

“As an independent consultant, I can move quickly through project scoping to begin the work. Once clients recognize they need external assistance, they usually want to move fast. When even more speed is required, I can bring in additional colleagues if needed (thus, The Ciany Group) to exceed client expectations.”

Breadth of Practical Experiences

“My role requires me to find pragmatic, simple solutions to complex or entrenched issues across many different organizational or departmental cultures. The breadth of projects and industries in which I’ve worked has taught me many lessons that I can use to benefit clients.

- Vicki Crawshaw Kwarciany